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Steve Maximus - 2016 Update by Zorzathir
Steve Maximus - 2016 Update
Okay, so here's a little something that I cooked up during my spare time: Another character update!

This time, it's Steve Maximus. Let's just say the process was a bit complicated, as the final image was so big that I couldn't fit his feet in, despite my attempts. As such, I had to work my way around them and incorporate the feet in a different way; which was no easy feat considering that I had get them into proper position. Plus, one major thing to note is that the green on Steve's coat has taken a darker tone. Based on the polls that some people voted on, and as I came to see, this darker green is much more suitable for Steve's coat; not to mention for the Legionnaire as well. I also made a few other modifications to the attire. As such, I think that I should create a submission that focuses on the coat, or concept art if you will, for people to refer to.

Here's the previous version of Steve: New Steve DU Pic by Zorzathir

I'll also be updating his DU profile one I get the chance. In fact, I might be doing quite a bit of updating for my characters, when I find the time. :XD:

anyways, I hope that you enjoy and feedback is welcome.
So, here's a little something I've been working on in some of my spare time:

An updated look for Steve Maximus: Steve 2017 Update by Zorzathir

Now, before you guys ask where his feet are, they will be in the final product. It's just that I couldn't fit all of Steve onto the paper that I used; I blame his hair-do. :XD:

Anyways, I really like the darker green. It's more appropriate I think; or that might be because I'm a fan of darker tones of colours. Plus, it was the type of colour that most people felt suitable in a poll that I made.

Anyways, let me know what your thoughts are.

Oh, and one more thing: I think it's safe to say that the game of completing Steve's new look is a "foot"! ;)

Hello, and welcome to another segment of 'A Few Minutes with Zorzathir'. I'm Zorzathir and I burn things with the power of a thousand suns.

So, I've got great things coming up for my projects. First off, I wanna...

Chris: It's back to school!

Me: What?

Chris: It's back to school for you.

Me: *Checks calendar*:crying: rvmp : WWWWWHHHHHHYYYYYYYY!?

(Okay, so that might have been over dramatic)

So...yeah, I'm going back to school in a couple weeks. More accurately, I will be heading back to teacher's college for one more semester; as well as doing a make-up placement because of how things went "well" with my first placement back in the first semester. It's kind of a shame that I haven't done that much on DA since I finished my online semester; which was mostly due to me lacking my creative juices.

But know this, I will be going back to school...for the LAST a student at least. :XD:

So, I can imagine that the reaction I will be getting from my watchers is:

Watcher: Oh man! Zorz is going back to teacher's college! We will miss him!

or... (hopefully not)


or (Dear God, this better not happen)

Watcher: Whose going away now?

Well, I think that I can work on my own things. I feel that because I have gone through the system that I know what to expect and can properly plan out. That and I will be going to my placement sooner and more often than in my previous semesters so I have more time to coordinate with my associate teachers and plan accordingly. Now, this does not mean I can just slack off, as I will no doubt be busy, but I might be able to get a few things done.

With that said, with some stuff that I am planning on doing, it's starting to grow into one massive "to do" list once 2017 goes underway. Still, I am looking forward to what I plan on doing and I hope that you guys will too.

So, on another note: organizing a few things.

Now, some of my watchers follow me because of some artwork outside of my "serious stuff". That said artwork is peril-related material, which you can guess is like a guilty pleasure for me. After thinking about it for a bit, I decided to move all peril-related material to another account. The reason for this is because it just helps to keep things organize.

That said account is: :iconzorzsladies:

This account will still serve as my main go-to place on DA, but the side account I created is more or less for the peril-related art. I've pretty much uploaded all peril-related artwork to that account, so those are fans of that be sure to check that page because that's where future artwork pertaining to that thing will be submitted. As for the stuff on this account? Well, I'll give it a couple of days before removing them from this main account. Now, again, they are all up on the side account, so they'll be there waiting.

So, to recap, stuff like this: Not Just a Stroll in the Jungle: Part One is going to the side account: :iconzorzsladies:

Now, going back to my main stuff.

Well, despite losing some energy, I have been working on my main stuff a bit and some other things. I've done some drawings which you can expect to see over the next few days. I will be creating an epilogue of sorts for :icondeviantuniverse: and just see how things go from there; mainly if there are any challenges that grab my attention.

I've also been working on some of my writings, mainly "Steve Maximus: Origins" because I want to continue working on that and sharing the backstory of my anti-hero. The next chapter should be out in September, so there's something for fans of the story to look forward to. For more information on that, you can click here:… or Steve Maximus: Origins *Update**New Chapter!*
CheerleaderCheerleader  *Edit: Chapter Seven is out! Go and read it!* Cheerleader Cheerleader 
Hello! And welcome to the journal that contains the chapters of "Steve Maximus: Origins" which you can tell are the origins of my anti-hero werewolf, Steve Maximus: 
Originally I was going to wait till the end of the month to release the "first" chapter of this story, but after looking it over and making some changes I was like: "I think this chapter is good enough to release now!" So, without further ado, I give you the first official chapter of "Steve Maximus: Origins"
Be forewarned, this story will be very dark; like bordering the 'R' rating. So if you have a hard time stomaching stuff like this, turn back now!

So, there's else was there? OH YEAH! I did say that I would do some fanart of certain characters. That's something I can do a bit during my free time at teacher's college.

So, that's all that. This has been 'A Few Minutes with Zorzathir'. I'm Zorzathir, and it's back to school for me.

Current Projects:
Deviant Universe, Vigil: Judgment (Really need to get this planned out! PRONTO!), Steve Maximus: Origins
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Which "Dark Green" do you think is most suitable for Steve's Coat and Legionnaire robes: 

10 deviants said A) - New
6 deviants said B) - Old


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